Joyaa graduated from the European School of Osteopathy in England in 1987. He uses a broad spectrum of Osteopathic approaches and has completed extensive post-graduate study in Cranial Osteopathy.

Placing safety and comfort foremost and with the benefit of over twenty-nine years in practice, Joyaa treats a very wide range of adult and children’s problems, including the full range of back and neck conditions, as well as many types of headache and dizziness, and problems in the limbs and joints.

His areas of special interest include all aspects of children and baby care, treatment through the stages of pregnancy, and the use of cranial osteopathic techniques with adults and children to help people regain their sense of balance and health. Joyaa’s clinic is well known for its treatment of a diverse range of disorders, and his depth of knowledge and experience are apparent in every aspect of his clinical work.

He has lectured extensively to special interest and medical groups on the Osteopathic Care of Babies, and also lectured on the Care of Women going through the Changes of Pregnancy. He has presented on the Osteopathic Treatment of Children with Down Syndrome, and on using Manual Therapy to help various types of Speech Disorders.

Joyaa periodically provides talks to GPs and Physiotherapists, and he has had short papers published on the Osteopathic Treatment of Whiplash, and How to Help Recurrent Sinus and Ear Infections and their Consequences in Children with Downs syndrome.

Since 2005 Joyaa has been a Government-appointed member of the Osteopaths Panel of Assessors, which assists the Osteopathy Board of Australia and the Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal on regulatory matters.

Since 2014 Joyaa has been a Clinical Supervisor to the fourth and fifth year Osteopathic students at Southern Cross University. Also he is undertaking a Masters Degree from the University of Queensland (MSc Epidemiology) which he will complete in 2016. He has previously completed a post-graduate certificate in Neonatal and Infant Paediatric Manual Therapy.

Joyaa Antares BSc, DO, Grad Cert Neonatal & Infant Paediatric Manual Therapy, Osteopath Gold Coast