What We Treat

Adults of all ages

To give a "List of Conditions that Osteopathy Treats" is a little misleading because, unlike drugs and medications, Osteopathy aims to treat the person rather than just a condition, and Osteopaths like to think of the body as a fairly complex interconnected framework in which treating one part can help you with another.

So, since people generally come to us with one thing or another, here is what we can tell you. We know that many of our clients come with back pain, neck pain, headaches, migraines or vertigo and report improvement following Osteopathy. We also know that osteopathic treatment may improve joint mobility, that it may improve your posture, may help circulation (for example, by reducing muscle spasm), and it may also improve that rather elusive entity - your sense of "well-being" or how you feel in yourself. 

We will write down some of the problems people come with, and for those of you who are keen to read the Research behind what we do, our ever-growing Research Page provides some excellent links in addition to the studies given below.

Joints - Muscles - Nerves

Back Pain

  • Low back pain, upper back pain, middle back pain, acute back pain, chronic back pain ... if you have one of these, give us a call. We will assess, usually provide treatment in the first session (with your consent) and we aren't a fan of long treatment plans (research links: Bronfort 2010; Qaseem 2017).

Neck Pain, and Symptoms from Whiplash

  • Acute neck pain, chronic neck pain, whiplash symptoms in the neck and in other parts of the body. Osteopathy has techniques that may help in whiplash and other traumatic injury (research link: Bischoff 2006).

Joint and Muscle Problems

Sciatica, Trapped Nerves, Carpal Tunnel

RSI, Tendonitis and Workplace Injury


Comprehensive Care for Many of the Common Symptoms Associated with Pregnancy and Childbirth

Head and Face

Headaches, Migraines, Sinus Problems

Vertigo, Dizziness

TMJ (Jaw) Dysfunction and Symptoms Associated with Bite and Orthodontic Problems

  • Including headaches, face pain and neck pain.


Sports Injuries, Joint Sprains and Muscle Strains

Improving Sports Performance

  • Osteopathy may help by correcting important biomechanical problems and improving posture.

If you have a problem not mentioned above, just give us a call and we will be happy to explain whether Osteopathy is right for you. As one of the Gold Coast's longest established Osteopathic Clinics, we take pride in helping people where we can, and knowing when we cannot!  If we don't think that we can help you, we will tell you and refer you in the right direction.