Daniel has experience treating a wide variety of conditions, including low back and neck pain, shoulder pain, headaches, knee pain, and foot and ankle pain.

He utilises a broad range of exercise advice, including breathing and yoga-based postures, which grounded on formal training and personal practice in rehabilitative exercise and movement. Daniel’s treatment and exercise prescription is individualised for each person, and he focusses both on managing current symptoms and preventing future episodes.

In his sessions Daniel employs a variety of techniques and approaches, including positional release, stretching techniques, articulation, soft tissue massage, cranial techniques and joint manipulation, aiming to improve movement and relieve pain. Where appropriate, he may suggest lifestyle modifications or approaches that assist and enhance this process.

He graduated with both Bachelor and Master’s degrees from Southern Cross University in 2011, and his post graduate studies have included courses on neurodynamics, osteopathy in the cranial field, and exercise prescription. Daniel enjoys expanding his knowledge of the human body and mind, in order to achieve a well rounded approach to patient care.

Daniel is also a qualified yoga teacher, having undertaken over 1000 hours of training.

Outside of work Daniel enjoys an active family life, with two young children keeping him on his toes.

Daniel Hawkins B Clin Sc, M Ost Med, Osteopath Gold Coast